Who are Clinical Outcomes at Oxford University Innovation?

Clinical Outcomes at Oxford University Innovation manages the provision and support of high quality clinical outcome assessment measures developed at the University of Oxford and elsewhere. The vast majority of these health outcome measures we manage are Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures (or sometimes referred to as PROMs).

We provide licences for some of the most respected and widely deployed outcome measures used by the NHS, pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, academia and medical device manufacturers.

What will happen to my data?

Once you complete a questionnaire on QuoLO, you can download your result to your device, or email your data to an email address of your choice. At the end of your session on QuoLO, your data will be deleted. 

QuoLO does not store or save any of your data, and it does not keep a record of any of the answers you have inputted, or your email address. 

What is QuoLO?

QuoLO is a free resource that is available for all users of the NHS and Medicare. QuoLO has been developed by the Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation Ltd, who manage and support the questionnaires in QuoLO.

There are currently two questionnaires available to complete; the Oxford Knee Score, and the Oxford Hip Score. More questionnaires in more languages will be added to the site soon. 

The Oxford Hip and Knee Scores are 12 question self-report questionnaires which measure pain and function in the knee or hip. They can be used to measure how effective a surgery was, or to see how your knee or hip is doing at a certain time. You can use QuoLO anytime and anywhere. It has been developed so that you can use it on a computer, or tablet, or a smartphone. You can fill it in wherever you are, as long as you have access to the internet. 

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you can save the results, or email them to yourself your doctor or whomever you want. This will help facilitate the discussion with your doctor about aspects of your health and quality of life associated with your hip or knee condition. 

QuoLO will not save or share any of your data.

I had surgery recently, can I use QuoLO?

If you have had surgery on your knee or hip within the previous 3 months, it is not appropriate to fill in the Oxford Knee Score or the Oxford Hip Score as it will not be able to provide an accurate outcome for the intervention (e.g. surgery) you have undergone. 

You will normally be invited to complete the questionnaire after 3 months post intervention, or before you have surgery.